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The two biggest financial decisions we make in our lives we make with our hearts. The biggest question we get in divorce planning is:

Am I going to be ok?

By going through the financial planning process with us you are not alone, as you envision the next stage of your life. We are there with you every step of the way.

  • Is it feasible and wise for us to retire?
  • How does Social Security work for me?
  • How much income can I expect to generate from our investments?
  • Which investments should I draw from?
  • How do I rollover our 401k’s to IRA accounts? Should I leave it in the plans? What are the tax and planning issues we need to consider regarding my 401ks,
  • IRA and Roth IRA accounts?
  • Should I use a Roth IRA for part of our planning?
  • Should I consolidate our accounts?
  • What should I do about our other retirement benefits?
  • What are the other issues I should be considering or steps I should take to prepare for retirement?

The Outcome

Over the course of several meetings, they offered objective advice for all questions asked, and endeavored to provide a balanced perspective with both benefits and potential disadvantages of the many decisions that needed to be made.

At the conclusion of the meetings, the following had been achieved; 

  • A sense of confidence for, and historical probability of their financial success.
  • They had a comprehensive plan which detailed how much income they planned to draw, and where they planned to draw it from, coordinated with a
  • withdrawal strategy to attempt to maximize income and minimize income taxes.
  • They walked them through a personal analysis of the Social Security options.
  • They walked through a detailed discussion of the various tax and investment benefits and disadvantages of an IRA rollover and used this output and their discussions to make a final decision.
  • They discussed and had a much better understanding of investment principles for a portfolio and how assets might best be allocated.
  • Understood upcoming time-sensitive financial decisions and issues that would show up in the months and years to come.
  • Established a cash plan addressing their liquidity needs, short term spending, and the need for a cash balance.