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How are you compensated?

  • We are compensated by fees and commission. There are some Advisors who only work only off of fees,  that can limit their offerings and might not always be in the clients best interest.

 Will you disclose whether an investment is comission or fee based?

  • Yes. We will always disclose how we are being compensated. The better you understand this the better it is for all of us.

Do I accept referral fees?

  •  NO, any person we refer to is because they do a good job for our other clients, once a client complains about a referral then we stop referring to them.

 Are you held to a fiduciary standard at all times?

  • Yes, Being a CFP® means that we are held to a fiduciary standard at all times. 

 Do I offer comprehensive Financial Planning?

  • Yes, we believe that to make an informed decision on your financial future that the more information you have the better. We think that a Financial Plan is the best way to go about that.

 Do I have many clients like you?

  • Yes, while each client has many differences and we treat them all as individuals. By working as a team we can be sure that one of use has another client or three that are asking the same questions and going through the same things in their life that you are.

How will we help you reach your financial goals?

  •  By listening and understanding them.  We also try and have our clients understand the decisions that they are making, so they understand the risk and reward of each decision so if something goes wrong, we can work through it together.

How do I know if my investments match my risk tolerance.

  • If your thinking about it a lot and worried then your investments most likely do not match your risk tolerance. There are many risk tolerances questionaire’s on the market, we prefer Nitrogen Risk analytics to help our clients understand their investments and risk.

 How do my investments keep pace with Inflation?

  • Investing in a diversified portfolio of Stocks (equities), Fixed Income and Alternatives a moderate risk portfolio should return more than inflation. Typically having all your investments in cash or cd’s will not keep pace with inflation and your buying power will erode over time.

 What is your process of developing a portfolio for your clients?

  • We would start by getting to know our clients investment and retirement goals and objectives. Have a full risk tolerance analytics completed. Then we would develop a customized portfolio to match the clients investment goals and risk tolerance.

What happens to my relationship to the firm if something happens to me? 

We work as a team for this reason. If something happens to your advisor another team member will step in and read through our client notes to know who you are and what we are working towards. So it should be seamless. But it will take time to build the trust you have with your current advisor.

We hope this answers your questions and puts your mind a little bit more at ease. But if we missed one please do not hesitate to ask. Chances are someone else has the same question and that is how we learn and get better.